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What is a Digimap?

A Digimap combines a unique blend of aerial photography with 3D interactive tours, weblinks, marketing materials and 4K video to give your customers an access all areas tour to your business. 

We have created an exclusive platform to showcase your brand in its best light. 

Our platform bridges aerial imagery with internal 3D scanning to give a great online customer experience. 

Let your customers view more about your business, give them a reason to attend, and grow brand loyalty at the same time. 

Get the Ultimate User Experience

Who Can Benefit from a Digimap?

Golf Courses

Give prospective golfers a privileged and unrestricted view of your course. Not only will it encourage visitors, but savvy players can also use our high-quality drone footage to plan their shots.


Entice future racegoers by showcasing every aspect of your course in a unique way. We can use a range of our services from 3D VR tours to 4K videos to encourage punters to book their next outing.

Holiday Villages

Get more visitors by highlighting everything positive about your village. Our Drone imagery will capture a great overview, and our 360 images can also showcase places to stay, eat and have fun.


Some larger hospitals have sprawling estates set over many acres, give your patients and visitors a unique overview and make a potentially daunting experience, less so. Let them navigate their way before they arrive.

Tourist Attractions

Whether a fairground, zoo, historic building, or any other type of tourist attraction, we believe that a Digi-Map could showcase and draw more visitors. Showcase your attraction to the world of prospective customers.

Sports Stadiums

Give sports fans unrestricted admittance to the inner sanctums of your stadium, with access all areas 3D Virtual Reality tours. Have links to your club shop or even fans forums, it’s your map, let’s customise it.

Places for Learning

Give incoming students an idea of how to get around the school before they arrive. Showcase your facilities to prospective students and use the latest technology to display your school.

Cities, towns and villages

Display the size and scope of your estate whilst also giving opportunity to your clients In the area to also showcase their business. We give reduced rates to all business on improved listings within a multi business Digimap.

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