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3D VR Tour Pricing and About

Our pricing is transparent, open and great value for money. You can view on this page what our 3D Tours cost.

3D Tours are created by taking multiple 360 pictures (scans) in your premises, and then joining all of the scans together in our software.

We base our pricing on the number of scans to complete your space and have showcased how many scans are in the examples below.

3D tours can be called a variety of names such as VR or Virtual Reality Tours, 360 walkthroughs, 3D interactive, Matterport and GeoCV tours to name but a few.

Our tours allow your existing and potential customers to view your physical spaces from the comfort of their desktop, tablet or phone. Your tour can be embedded onto your website for users to explore your space. It will be delivered as a link and we can assist with the embed, the link can also be shared across all your social media as well as anywhere else you can post a link such as RightMove.

Our tours are visual, as is how most people now consume the majority of their marketing.

We can also take 4K still images from any part of your tour that you can use in other company marketing, like websites and brochures.

As well as being able to be viewed on your website, as Google approved photographers we can also convert your 3D tour to Google Street View so that your space can be viewed on Google Maps, bringing Google inside your business.

We can add your branding and marketing message to the tour, giving a fully white labelled experience.

The tours showcased on this page are all created with the GeoCV camera system, although we are also Matterport Service Partners, call us to find out which system would work best for your business.

Small Business 3D Tours at £350.00

Our Small Virtual Reality Tours are ideal for Hairdressers, Coffee Shops, Cafes and independent Retailers, usually a single fronted shop on a single floor. Our super easy pricing guide has the Small Business 3D Tour at up to 20 scans, the example shown on the right is a clothing retailer and has 19 scans.

Medium Business 3D Tours at £600.00

Our Medium sized Business Tours are ideal for businesses like restaurants, holiday lets, multi-room health practitioners etc. This type of business is usually double or triple fronted shops on a single floor.

The Medium-sized Business Virtual Reality Tours are 20 – 50 scans, the example shown is a Prosecco Bar / Restaurant in Birmingham and has 33 scans.

Large Business 3D Tours at £1000.00

Our Larger sized 3D VR Tours are ideal for multi level bars and restaurants, larger healthcare providers, car showrooms etc. This type of business is usually a double or triple fronted shop, either on a single floor or spread out over multiple floors.

The Larger-sized Business Tours are based on 50 – 100 scans, the example shown is a Gin Distillery and Bar in Liverpool spread over 3 floors and has 98 scans.

Extra Large Virtual Reality Tours at £1500.00

Our XL sized Business Tour is ideal for multi-level boutique hotels, gyms, larger car dealerships etc. This type of business is usually detached and could even be in its own grounds.

The XL sized Business Tours are based on 100 – 150 scans, the example shown is a Boutique Hotel in Liverpool spread over 4 floors and has 120 scans.

Colossal 3D Tour £POA

Our Colossal Business Virtual Reality Tours are ideal for Education, Healthcare, Events and Trade Shows, and are usually in detached or even multi building estates

The Colossal 3D VR Tour pricing is Price on Application as the buildings can be so varied from 150 to 500 scans, the example shown is one University building and has 498 scans for just the communal areas.

Personalise Your Virtual Reality Tour

Make your virtual reality tour your own by adding extras that suit you.

You can start by adding tags, which when clicked can take you to a variety of web links. These clickable tags enrich the user’s experience and allow you to share information or even market directly from within the tour.

As Google approved photographers, we can also convert your tour into Google Street View and add directly to your Google My Business Account and Google Maps. In effect, you will have two tours in different formats from the one filming instance.

If your premises is in a great location, you can add an aerial overview directly into the tour. As our camera operators all have PfCO drone licences and our software allows aerial panoramas to be added to your tour, this is a great way to showcase not just the inside but the outside of your premises as well.

If your business has multiple spaces or buildings that you would like to showcase, ask about our Digimaps platform and how that could potentially work for you.

You can add your own branding, logos, weblinks etc to make the tour your own. You can even fully white label the tour and remove all of our Digimaps branding. On top of that, self hosting our tour can allow you to display the tour on your own website domain instead of ours, call us now to ask how.

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