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Benefits of a Digimap

In this modern digital age that we now live, we are all spending more and more time online, whether it be our smartphones, desktops, laptops or tablets. With an interactive map, people can view exactly how your premises are, and hopefully you won’t disappoint!

  • Helps customers make informed decisions, answer customers questions before they arrive, is there enough parking? will I like the way the room is dressed? is the room big enough for the event? is there enough seating etc. etc., answer the questions that potential clients may have whatever they may be.
  • Builds trust with your customers, it shows your existing and potential new clients that you are a real business that they can visit. This increases their comfort level, making them much more likely to visit your premises.
  • Demonstrates Quality, having this type of tour shows customers that you are doing everything you can to give the customer the best experience possible and that you care about their experience. According to Google, 43% of all searches are carried out in Google Maps, we can include a 360° Street View or 3D VR Tour directly into Google Maps.
  • Show don’t tell, you don’t have to tell your customers to trust your business as you are showing them that you have nothing to hide by offering them open all access tickets to view your business.
  • Creates a better connection with your customers, by showcasing your business with a tour, customers know that you are a bona fide business, promoting and reinforcing trust before they even arrive.
  • Helps you beat the competition, if a potential customer is looking for a product or service and visits Google Maps and your business has a tour but a nearby competitor doesn’t, research shows that they are much more likely to visit your business with the tour.
  • Passive Marketing – let customers do this via word of mouth, as we all know the best form of referral. If a customer has found you through a virtual tour and has a great experience, they are much more likely to share your tour and tell their friends of the great experience they had.
  • It’s a convenient and comfortable experience, the majority of your customers will view the tour on their phones. According to research the brain processes visuals up to 60 times faster than text. This is probably why images are shared approx. 40 times more than text. Ask your customers to like and share your tour across all social media platforms.

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